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What happens next?

The sound of firecrackers, the sparkle of fireworks, and the flicker of Christmas lights came rushing in my head. There was an abundance of loud cheers, happy faces, tear jerking hugs and long kisses that welcomed the year. Then, boom! Here comes another one.

I hope you’ve noticed; it’s 2018. Time flies fast. Wasn’t it only yesterday that we listed our resolutions and goals for the next 365 days? Wasn’t it only yesterday that we lit the first sparkler that signaled the start of 2017? Wasn’t it only yesterday that we shared a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner with our family, clinked wine glasses, stared at our loved ones, exchanged “Happy New Year” greetings, and watched our neighbor’s fireworks light up the midnight sky?

And now, we’re doing these things all over again.

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Wandering around museums

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

~ Pablo Picasso
If you find reading books to learn about a country’s history and culture too tedious, go to museums. That’s a more exciting way of learning given that there are visuals to aid it. And museums, being (mostly) quiet, offer a break from the daily nuisance of a bustling city.
It seemed unlikely, but in spite of living in Baguio City for 9 months, I didn’t visit the BenCab Museum. When I went back to the place a year later in January, 2017, it was originally part of my itinerary. But curling up during chilly mornings in Baguio is irresistible, so instead of going out early, I heeded the bed’s call.
Being an item in my bucket list this year, it must be ticked off, so in May, when my friends and I went to Baguio (my second visit this year), we went to the distant museum despite the limited time we had.

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Scenic Sagada

My 2015 planner has this list called “101 Things to do in 2015.” First thing on the list reads, “Enjoy the view in Sagada alone.” When I read that part after I bought the planner in November last year, I thought to myself that it was perfect, because first, I really needed some time alone and was planning to spend it someplace that offers peace of mind, and second, Sagada was my dream destination in the first quarter of the year.

Going to Sagada and appreciating its picturesque views while reconnecting with myself and pondering on things that really matter was the perfect idea to jumpstart the year. The thing is I accomplished neither within the time frame I set.

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