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Collaboration starts with GBG Pangasinan inaugural meet up

Map and hop with us! Connect. Inform. Inspire. These are the three guiding principles on which Google Business Groups (GBG) all over the world are founded. This is a living proof that even in the age of digital technology where everything seems to be impersonal and fast paced, many aim to use the web to …

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A day on the sea

As part of the modernization program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), the government acquired two warships for the Philippine Navy from the US Coast Guard–BRP Gregorio del Pilar and BRP Ramon Alcaraz. During this year’s celebration of Pistay Dayat, PF15 or BRP Gregorio del Pilar docked on Lingayen Gulf with the Philippine …

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Coming from the heart

Being the capital town of Pangasinan, Lingayen is tagged as the heart of the province. It boasts of the best architectural structure in the Philippines—the Capitol Building—and its significant part in the country’s history. On the upcoming episode of Talk TV Global’s Traveldotcom, I will feature this town, exploring every corner of the capitol compound …

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Something fishy

Pangasinan, particularly Lingayen, is very famous for its trademark product–bagoong (fish sauce). For health conscious individuals (and those who despise its smell), bagoong should never be on their table, but for Pangasinenses, this is a staple in every meal that can be a perfect match for its salty taste. So, how is this very famous …

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