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The starting pistol roars

Have you tried starting over again? Many say that the transition period is quite hard. I’m not sure if it indeed is true, but I’m about to find out soon. Real soon. Two months ago, I made one big decision. For the past several months before finally executing the plan, I had been toying with …

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A story carried by the wind

Most tourists only find cool destinations, extreme adventures, scenic views and picturesque landscapes in places they visit. Little do they know that there are stories waiting to be told; simple realities that touch a heart and draw a curve on the lips. Simple realities made more alive by the characters figuring in every story. One …

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Preparing for your bride’s ride

By Marie Lyn Tibule Wedding is one of the occasions hardest to prepare for. There are a lot of stuff to consider—invitations, souvenirs, guests, bridal gown and the like. Your worries may seem endless but one thing you should not forget when planning for a wedding is the transportation service. This is one of the …

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When you reach this age

When you reach this age, you think you’ve got everything in control. You’ve grown mature enough to battle the world, so there you go engaging in a head-on collision with the way people once lived their lives in accordance with the norms of the society. The good news is you’re a challenger. The bad news …

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