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Satisfying food experience at Novotel Manila

Food plays a big role in our overall hotel experience.

One of the greatest things I looked forward to at this year’s Blogapalooza was our two-night stay at Novotel Manila—a first for this annual event since its inception in 2011. The relatively new hotel, which is part of Accor Hotels, is located at the Araneta Center. It’s perfect for both a leisurely stay and a business-related trip.
The hotel boasts of stylish posh rooms with soft beds, carpeted floors, elegant toilet and bathroom, and a view of the bustling city. I had a rejuvenating comfortable sleep, but truth be told, what I loved the most about the hotel was the Food Exchange Manila buffet breakfast.

The feast was a mixture of Asian (Filipino, Indian, Japanese) and Western (American, English, Italian) cuisines that created a flavorful revelry in my mouth. Even the coffee, which was served in a French press, added fun and excitement to my breakfast experience.
Appetizing salad greens and other colors!

Refreshing drinks
One of the food choices that I will never forget is the shabu-shabu. It would have tasted better, though, if I added more spices to it.
Experiment with as many flavors as you can to make your finished product more exciting.

The homemade corned beef is one for the books as well. I’m not a fan of corned beef, but I really enjoyed Novotel’s a lot.
Juicy and chunky corned beef–perfect for meat lovers.
Then there’s the taho. Yes, it’s everywhere here in the Philippines, but mixing the ingredients all by yourself is another great experience in itself. The homemade soya milk was rich and flavorful.
When I was a kid, I would always wait for the vendor’s reverberating voice exclaiming “taho” on the streets. Upon hearing it, I would hastily grab a mug and ask for P5.00 from my mom, so I could enjoy this morning treat. Twenty four years later, I experienced not only the joy of eating it, but also the fulfillment of making my own cup of taho.
The Filipino food, on the other hand, was nothing out of the ordinary, but it was worth a try as well, so on the second day, I dug in some sinangag (fried rice), longganisa (pork sausage) and tinapa (smoked fish). Usually, I give Filipino food a pass at buffets, but I really wanted to stuff myself with rice, so why not?
One of the choices I wished I had tried was the Indian food. Too bad only the photos I took are my memories of it.
Conclude your breakfast experience at Novotel by taking your dose of fresh fruits, or fresh fruit smoothies.
Here’s a tip: To fully enjoy the buffet, get a little of something to get a taste of everything.
Thank you, Blogapalooza and Novotel, for another palatable dining experience!
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C Boutique Hotel: Where your dream staycation comes true

If you’re looking for the pefect hotel in Baguio City, read this and be captivated by the beauty and coziness of C Boutique Hotel

At about 5,000 feet above sea level, you can find a jewel that promises an indulgent staycation treat, providing you with the modern comforts of home sans the boring feeling of staying at your own address. C Boutique Hotel in Baguio City is the perfect location for this kind of adventure.

Situated on Arellano St., cor. Moran near Mines View Park, C is not just another hotel; it is the epitome of a rewarding coziness that you’ve always been searching for which is way too evident in their room choices. Once you enter the place, you’ll feel the successful fusion of a modern home’s ambiance and an old Baguio house’s rural tranquility—something that you don’t usually see in the places you visit.

Studio Suite

C’s Studio Suite is a perfect sanctuary for a lone traveler, or for an enthusiastic duo. It is equipped with a queen size bed, inviting enough for a good slumber. Wood accents adorn the interiors, giving it a more relaxing impression.

Enjoy Baguio’s cool weather on the balcony with an outdoor table-for-two set up where you can enjoy conversations with a beer in hand. If you’re not a drinker, order a soothing cup of espresso, or hot chocolate from the hotel barCharley’s Barwhere an array of sumptuous food selections are also available for you to devour.

Family Suite

C values the importance of family bonding that’s why they also offer a special place for them to stay in—The Family Suite complete with a loft. Measuring 50 sq. m. in total, the room is spacious enough for family members to move around. With a single-sized and a double-sized bed on the room’s first floor, and another double-sized bed on the loft, it can accommodate a family of five. It also comes with a balcony that affords occupants views of pine trees and foggy environment.

All rooms of C are equipped with a cable network, wireless internet connectivity, hot-and-cold water facility, mini bar and a safety deposit box.

On the hotel’s second level, the warmth of the fireplace will embrace you amid Baguio’s natural cool climate coupled with the pouring rain. Called The Foyer, the area is not a boring space to lounge at. It is where you can enjoy a game or two of Tic-Tac-Toe and other board games. It is also embellished with paintings that will make an art lover a happy kid.

For reservations:

Landline: (074) 619 – 0158
Mobile: (0917) 534 3818 (Globe)
(0999) 886 2755 (Smart)
(0932) 886 2340 (Sun)
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