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Why I wish I didn’t travel alone to Bacolod

Colorful masks. Genuine smiles. Authentic chicken Inasal. These are some of the words we associate with—yes, you guessed it right—Bacolod. It was another awesome solo travel experience, although I wish I spent it with someone, with family, or with a bunch of friends, as there were moments that were far better shared. It was thrilling …

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Tasting Pangasinan

In my last post, I talked about how wonderful it is to learn about stories of people you meet when travelling. Isn’t it heart-warming to feel how comfortable they are in sharing with you, a person whom they’ve just met, some of the most significant fragments of their lives? This time, though, I won’t be …

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A story carried by the wind

Most tourists only find cool destinations, extreme adventures, scenic views and picturesque landscapes in places they visit. Little do they know that there are stories waiting to be told; simple realities that touch a heart and draw a curve on the lips. Simple realities made more alive by the characters figuring in every story. One …

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Festive atmosphere

8:31 PM In a few hours, we’ll be celebrating Jesus’s birthday once again. We’re hyped up because of the festivity. The excitement reaches the sky as we wait for the time that we can open our gifts. Our stomachs grumble as we prepare for Noche Buena awaiting in the dining room. Christmas carols echo in …

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