The new ride in town

One Saturday afternoon, without any plans of where to go after my friend and I completed our errands, I saw this rather new mode of public transportation in the metro, the Point-to-point bus service or more commonly known as P2P.
I’d seen the bus plying the length of EDSA a few times which got me really curious what it felt like to ride on it. The interior was not visible from the outside, as the windows are tinted. The windshield’s size is much taller than the one I see on jam-packed buses. The exterior looks fascinating and judging from it, I inferred that the inside would be cozy.
Giving in to my curiosity, I told my friend to come with me for a joy ride to Trinoma, the sole destination of the bus which would depart from Glorietta 5 in Ayala.
On weekdays, the trip costs P55 per person, but it’s lower on Saturdays, P40, and on Sundays, P35. We paid P40 each and hopped in.
The interior is far from that of a deluxe bus’s, but it looks fine. Who needs a luxurious 30-minute to an hour ride to Trinoma, anyway? There are two faux leather seats in each row on either side. Each seat has a recliner which makes it more comfortable. Two LCD monitors are installed–one for the front part, the other for the elevated portion in the back.
The AC works fine as well, which makes the ride more relaxing. The bus waits for all the seats to be filled in (no standing passengers on the aisle) and leaves once everyone’s settled. Since there is only one destination, you can take a rejuvenating nap on the way without the hassle of being disturbed by alighting passengers.
Overall, I give the ride a 5-star rating despite the fact that it is more expensive than a ride on a regular passenger bus. But, the extra amount is what you pay for convenience which you deserve, so don’t fuss over it.
Also, as its route is along EDSA, don’t expect to not experience the volume of vehicles. The only difference is that you get to experience the ride along the crowded highway without feeling stressed. You get to enjoy it as though you were riding in your private coaster.

So, if you’re one who regularly travels from Makati to that part of Quezon City like myself, I recommend this comfy mode of transportation to avoid the hassle of jam-packed buses that stop everywhere to pick up and drop off passengers, and the fast but irritatingly smelly and sometimes defective MRT.
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