The starting pistol roars

Have you tried starting over again?

Many say that the transition period is quite hard. I’m not sure if it indeed is true, but I’m about to find out soon. Real soon.

Two months ago, I made one big decision. For the past several months before finally executing the plan, I had been toying with the idea of moving forward and pursuing much bigger plans I had in mind since I started working. I made assessments, weighed my options, plotted Plan B to Plan E just in case Plan A would be a failure.

Were you afraid to start over again?

Many say that it is really frightening. That is why some resort to staying in their comfort zone and choose to plant their feet where the soil is less fertile. The fear’s grip has crippled many; its claws held them hostage.

I was afraid, too. But I didn’t let the fear eat me up. I stood from where I was sitting. I strode towards a goal. And I arrived where I intended to. This marks the beginning of something extraordinary and signals the dawning of bigger challenges posed by the bigger world.

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