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Pangasinan Food Tour 2014: Alcala

When noodles become a healthy option Innovations in technology have been prominent these past years. Everyone has always been enlightened on their benefits and the cool features these innovations entail. What we sometimes miss are innovations being done on food. We’ve always known noodles are unhealthy—that’s a fact. Despite this, however, we still eat noodles …

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Tasting Pangasinan

In my last post, I talked about how wonderful it is to learn about stories of people you meet when travelling. Isn’t it heart-warming to feel how comfortable they are in sharing with you, a person whom they’ve just met, some of the most significant fragments of their lives? This time, though, I won’t be …

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A story carried by the wind

Most tourists only find cool destinations, extreme adventures, scenic views and picturesque landscapes in places they visit. Little do they know that there are stories waiting to be told; simple realities that touch a heart and draw a curve on the lips. Simple realities made more alive by the characters figuring in every story. One …

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