A Blogapalooza Saturday—the event!

It was indeed a fun and jam packed Saturday event at the SMX Convention Center at the SM Aura Premier, Taguig. And I, together with my colleagues, was there to personally experience this annual gathering of bloggers.

To blog means freely expressing your thoughts and opinions on various things such as food, lifestyle, travel and the like. And to be called a blogger is like being crowned with the authority to write on these subjects.
I was called a blogger. I am a blogger. And at the Blogapalooza 2013 on Nov. 16, it felt like my credibility as such had been recognized by the small and big business establishments who joined the biggest B2B or Business-to-Blogger event spearheaded by When in Manila and Our Awesome Planet.
Inside the venue, bloggers hopped from stall to stall, either playing a game, picking a piece of paper with a prize written on it, grabbing freebies, or simply getting to know what the business establishment has to offer. The set up was like a trade fair, but instead of buying, you get to experience and try out their products and services for free! Well, just don’t forget to blog about them after the event.
To know more about who or what business establishments were present at the Blogapalooza 2013, click here.
Anyway, I won’t be writing much about the experience and will just let the photos tell you the story.

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A Blogapalooza Saturday awaits

If I remember it right, the first time I heard the word ‘blog’ was in second year high school (2006). Back then, I was still learning the ins and outs on the Internet, its benefits and other important things related to it.

It was two years after when I tried blogging, but it was in fourth year college that I became serious about it. Since then, I’ve been blogging about my cool adventures, fun experiences and exciting activities (and about realizations and life’s harsh realities when the circumstances compel me to). That was when I got the hang of it and enjoyed blogging more.
And this coming Saturday, Nov. 16, I’ll be receiving one of the perks of being a blogger. My colleagues and I will be attending Blogapalooza 2013, a gathering of small and big businesses ‘who have something cool to share’ and bloggers ‘who love to share.’
As of now, 425 bloggers RSVP’d for the event at SM Aura in Taguig and few slots are left vacant, so sign up now and partake in this one of a kind experience! The event will start at 11 am and will end at 9 pm. With that long period, we can expect fun and exciting activities, and cool giveaways. On top of all that, entrance to the event is absolutely FREE!
Thanks to When in Manila for this one in a million chance. See you on Saturday, fellow bloggers!
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Exploring Anda

Last week was another chance for me to travel and explore another place, this time, a beach in Anda, an island town in the western most part of Pangasinan.

Tondol White Sand Beach exudes beauty invigorating to the eyes and inviting to the soul which searches for a refreshing kind of adventure. We also did island hopping, visiting three islands away from Tondol beach. This and a lot more adventures will be featured on Talk TV Global’s Traveldotcom this month, so watch for its next episode.

Pannacalan Island, one of the three islands we visited, boasts of this hut which changes location depending on the height of the tides.

More of my adventures on my next blog post and Traveldotcom’s episode.

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