Shop, save and relieve stress

Three Day Sale, Three Way Save

What do you usually do to relieve yourself from stress caused by school work or your job? Do you spend the whole day at home, snuggle in bed and do a movie marathon? Or, you just relax and sleep to gain energy for another week of stress?

Well, this week, we might not do any of those things because something else will surely be a stress buster and a welcome break for our tired mind.
According to an article posted on Business News Daily in June 2012, a research had concluded that “retail therapy” was a mechanism for people to cope with stress, a reliever similar to stress eating. Retail therapy is done by going out and heading to a mall or your favorite store to buy things for yourself. In other words, shop to relieve stress.
It is, however, more grueling if our budget is scarce. But, worry not because the biggest mall chain in the country has made an effort to help us with that.
On Oct. 18, 19 and 20, SM City Baguio will conduct a “Three-Day Sale, Three-Way Save” promo where in 50 percent will be cut off the price of great selections. But, the excitement and stress relief does not stop there.
On the first day of the three-day sale, an additional 10 percent off the price of the chosen item will be offered on top of the existing discount from 9 am to 11 am. This promo, however, is exclusive to SM Advantage Card holders only.
Moreover, a 5 percent rebate will be offered for every P5,000 single receipt purchase using a BDO Credit Card.
Lastly, we can get a P100-coupon for every P2,000 single receipt purchase on Oct. 19 and 20.
But wait, there’s more! Every customer will also be entitled to an entry to a raffle draw where we can win an Internet TV!
What is more exciting is that after shopping, you can also take a tour around the city and go sightseeing amidst its cool temperature and enjoy everything it has to offer.
So, let’s mark our calendars and avail of this special offer from SM City Baguio where we can savor the fun and enjoy the excitement. Have a happy leisure time, guys!

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Busier than ever

September was a busy month for me (well, which month wasn’t and isn’t). The last few weeks before this week were more hectic. And the last few days before today were quite stressful and exhausting.

But, I’m not dreading my busy schedule. Neither am I hating my job. In fact, I’m very enthusiastic about it especially now that we’ve been preparing for the very first Talk TV Global Media Congress which has kept me quite busy lately.

In less than 9 hours, the congress will happen at the Capitol Resort Hotel (it has been transferred from the Pangasinan  Training and Development Center) in Lingayen where Mass Communication and Journalism students, and staff of publications from secondary and tertiary schools in Pangasinan will convene for a day of a knowledge-packed event.
Talk TV Global aims to impart on the participants new trends and concepts in mass media and how future and aspiring media practitioners can adapt to these changes.
The following will be discussing these things to young individuals who aspire to serve the Filipinos and become catalysts of change in the country:
And yes, look, that’s me!
So, to all the participants and to those who want to come to this worthwhile undertaking (registration starts at 7 am at the Pangasinan Training and Development Center, Lingayen), see you all!
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