RealStew: Boiling the Next Big Thing

It’s a natural desire of human beings to feel that they truly belong to a community or a group. With the advent of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, quiet ones start to make some noise and the introverts now speak out the way extroverts do.

With the Internet’s power being recognized by people from the world over, some individuals have come up with an idea that will be a real deal of interaction between and among netizens.
The next big thing on the Internet is RealStew—your one stop site for making friends, socializing and interacting with them, sharing ideas, making deals, blogging and a whole lot more.

It can serve as your usual email service provider, a chat box to communicate with friends whom you haven’t seen in a while or with co-workers and colleagues, and a user group to interact with your teammates during brainstorming activities even if you’re miles apart from one another. Other users will also get to know more about you because you can link your accounts on social networking sites.
Planning a business and dreaming to become a successful entrepreneur? RealStew can also help you raise capital and find customers for your business.  And yes, you can ask users to look into your ideas and give you insights that may be quite helpful in patching up flaws in your plan.
Better yet, use it as your business tool. You can use it as your own online shop with its online store builder. It can also help you create that dream website for your business which you have long been putting off. You no longer need to worry where to keep your business’s records and files because you can use the Cloud Vault which gives you 10 GB of free storage space. Access and check your files anytime, anywhere—it’s your business at your fingertips.
It will never let you miss out a part of your personal life either. Who knows, with its RealDates application, you can find that person who complements your personality and who may be “the one.”

Indeed, it lets you communicate in more ways than one, without the hassle of logging on to your accounts on multiple social networking sites and email service providers. RealStew is definitely your all-in-one communicationplatform.
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