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I got sucked!

Blood went streaming out of my veins…passing through a narrow pipe…coursing towards a vessel… Yes, I got sucked. Not by a vampire, though—thank heavens. On June 20, 2013, for the first time, I donated blood during the mobile blood donation activity of the Provincial Health Office of Pangasinan in partnership with Red Cross. Honestly, all …

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When you reach this age

When you reach this age, you think you’ve got everything in control. You’ve grown mature enough to battle the world, so there you go engaging in a head-on collision with the way people once lived their lives in accordance with the norms of the society. The good news is you’re a challenger. The bad news …

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Fragile like jars

Picbits FRAGILE. Jars. We’re like jars. We’re fragile. We get broken. Damaged. Smashed into bits and pieces. But unlike jars, we can fix ourselves. Gather the pieces together. Stick them together although we know some parts get weaker than they were before. Please follow and like us:

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Something fishy

Pangasinan, particularly Lingayen, is very famous for its trademark product–bagoong (fish sauce). For health conscious individuals (and those who despise its smell), bagoong should never be on their table, but for Pangasinenses, this is a staple in every meal that can be a perfect match for its salty taste. So, how is this very famous …

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New project

Picbits Probably out of stress one afternoon, I thought of putting up a new project here on my blog. I’ve been active on Instagram lately and been loving staring at photos taken in different places, at different times. They tell stories, touch hearts, stir emotions, fuel dreams and desires. There I thought, what about sharing my …

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