GoSAKTO with Globe (Unli call plus 100 texts to all networks)

Looking for an unlimited call promo that suits your budget? Try the Globe GoSAKTO unlimited call promo. For only P20, you can make unlimited calls to Globe/TM plus you can send 100 messages to all networks.
Here’s how to get the promo. Simply dial *143#. A menu will appear and show you the items to choose from. Enter the number that corresponds to your choice and press send. Do this for the next steps. For the first one, pick number 1 for GoSAKTO.
Then, choose “create promo.”

Options for the promo you want to create will appear. Choose “call & text.”

You’ll be asked to choose between calls to “Globe/TM” only and “calls to all networks.” Choose the former.
You’ll be asked how many minutes you want the call to last. Choose “unlimited.”
For the kind of texts, choose “to all networks.”
As for the number of texts, choose “100.”
For the number of days you want the promo to last, pick “1 day.”
Lastly, a final set of options will appear where you can choose to register, name the promo, go back to the previous menu or to the main menu. Pick “Go lang nang Go! Register.”

Now wait for the confirmation message. Once you receive it, you may start using and enjoying the promo you created.

Everyone is using the Globe Prepaid GoSAKTO!  So you should try it too. It’s easy just dial *143#.
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The road less taken

A few months before, I had faced the situation of asking myself where I would go after college. Going back to the university where I graduated from to teach and train other mass communication students became an option. Later on, I met a good opportunity along the way which made me realize teaching was not the path I wanted to take.

Well, there were two opportunities actually. They were both so good they made me feel as if I were the luckiest man alive. One was a ride along a shortcut route (somehow) to my ultimate dream; the other was another ride (a rough one) leading to multiple forks where many uncertainties come waiting (whoa, don’t get me wrong, boss).

Many would think I went for the obvious, taking the shortcut to the mainstream media. It’s not really a big jump to the big fish, but at least, had I grabbed that, I would be part of the big fish. I guess the only uncertainty I would encounter would be, “When will I be one of the giants?”

Heck, no. The news is I didn’t go for that. For several years of training, I had developed myself to be adventurous and exploratory, traits I injected into my personality to discover more potentials and turn more stones. So, I took the path leading to multiple forks. I’m now on an uncertainty-riddled journey which I’m sure, on the bright side, will take me where I want to be, where I’m destined to be. Or, this might also take me where I never expected or dreamed to be, but will also give me great happiness. Well, who knows.

But, this isn’t just about me or my dreams or my desires. Call me too idealistic, but I’ve also envisioned myself to be sharing my skills to the community, planning future endeavors with them, and turning the plans into realities nobody ever thought would come out of a budding giant in multimedia.

That’s our team as we prepare for Pangasinan Watch, TalkTV Global’s web newscast.

Today marks my first month as an official part of TalkTV Global, 1Digitech’s internet TV arm. I’m taking the first few steps of success which I know is coming my way anytime soon. And I’m driven, not by rules, but by dreams.

And that’s me a few minutes before the newscast.

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