Getting high…literally

“Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane… I don’t know when I’ll be back again…”

This song has recently come to my mind as two weeks from now, I’ll be riding on a plane for the first time!
On February 10, I together with my colleagues in our student publication will board a domestic flight to Legazpi City in Albay for a three-day journalism contest. That’s the next level of the competition after winning at the regional level in December last year in the City of San Fernando, La Union.

This is one of the few perks I enjoy as an editor of the publication, going places with colorful historical relevance in the country and having a taste of their rich culture. This time, I’ll be seeing Mayon Volcano in person, that volcano with the almost perfect cone shape that I’ve only been seeing in pictures since childhood.

The trip’s still several days ahead and I’m excited. Meantime, “I’ll pack my bags and get ready to go.”

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More on Balungao

Well, forgive me for writing too much on this trip, but I just would like to share more adventures that I experienced at the Balungao Hilltop Adventure.

The first time I went there, I wasn’t able to try the bungee trampoline because it needed to undergo some maintenance. I thought I would never ever get the chance to jump on it, but on January 9, there I went flying high in the air.

These pictures were taken before the rubber harness (which would aid in sending you up in the air) was attached to me.

It looked so simple that I got very excited to try it. See, I even enjoyed jumping on the trampoline before the rubber harness was attached to my body. Little did I know that the extreme part of this activity would send me waves of unexplainable fright and discomfort.

When the crew attached the harness, I suddenly felt uneasiness welling up inside me, but there was no chance to let it go, for in less than a minute, without any warning, the crew released me and there I went up in the air, feeling more and more uncomfortable. Within seconds, I cried out, “AYOKO NA!!! (I don’t want this any more!)” There entered the line, “Be careful what you wish for…”

What I enjoyed the most was ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) driving. Whenever I got some spare time, I would play a racing game on my computer and enjoying myself speeding away and drifting. That exactly was what I desired to do with that four-wheeled vehicle.

They’ve made a track now for the ATVs. In august last year, riders were taken to a trip along the path down to the foot of the mountain.


Hiking up towards the launching pad of the zipline was an additional challenge to riders.

And this is what greets you up there…

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Zipping away in Balungao (again)

For the second time around since the taping of my segment at the Balungao Hilltop Adventure in Balungao, Pangasinan last August, I went back there for another taping, this time for TalkTV Global’s TravelDotCom which I am hosting. I tried all the amenities once again and enjoyed them as if it were my first time.

That tarp in the background is the same tarp that you will find along highways, one way of promoting the tourist destination.

You may notice through the background that the resort is not loaded with landscapes just like other resorts that tend to create artificial nature. According to Balungao’s tourism officer, Gerry Acosta (the man in yellow in the back), this is to preserve the natural beauty of Mt. Balungao, an inactive volcano.

In the past, treasure hunters dug Mt. Balungao for possible finds. Beneath the tree roots on which I stand is an area of the mountain that they excavated several years before. Whether they found any gems, nobody knew.
Geared up for my second shot on the zipline.
While preparing for it, I was thinking what my reaction would be on my second try on the zipline. During my first time, I felt really nervous and it took me a long while before I finally let go of the cable. I did the superman position again and this time, I felt more confident and enjoyed the scenery below as I sped away.

Well, the experience was indeed fun which also served as my post birthday celebration. And though I cancelled my Hundred Islands tour which I was supposed to do on my birthday, I had another chance to travel and experience extreme adventure.

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